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  • Bathroom Privacy Sign

    $17.95 $11.95


    • PRIVACY SOLVED: This bathroom sign is a sure way to indicate that it is occupied. Avoid those thimes of walking in on someone or being surprised yourself
    • STYLISH: This sign is slim and white, so it is noninvasive from a decorating point of view
    • INSTALLATION: It is easy to adhere to the door or the door frame. It is just as easy to take it off when you don't want it up. Maybe you only use it when you have a party with lots of people around
    • REMINDER: A sliding occupied sign only works if it gets reset when leaving. Howevr, our long red arm on this sign tells you to reset it as you leave the bathroom for the next person
    • FLEXIBILITY: This sign is ergonomically designed to let the arm bend and not break. It is designed to work on all types of doors that swing in or swing out.