SMACD Making Good Things Better


           Our motto is "Making Good Things Better."  We strive for our reputation as a company to be that we sell innovative, clever and more functional products that solve current problems.  In fact, we began this company by thinking of ways to improve efficiency in our home.  Our first idea was born out of necessity.  In my home of adults and teens, we had a hard time knowing if dishes were clean or dirty in the dishwasher. In these moments of indecision, most members of the family would opt to do nothing rather than face the possibility of putting dirty dishes in a dishwasher full of clean dishes. I decided to make a sign to solve this problem. It began as a laminated paper sign, and when my current business partner saw it, he said, “That’s genius. If you ever decide to go into business with that idea, I’ll go in with you.” A few weeks later, I came up with the prototype for the Dishnanny. We made the first 5000 in my garage before finding a manufacturer.  The Dishnanny was the beginning of many new products as we have continued to expand.

         Our goal is to provide a better product than what has previously been on the market at a more reasonable price—a product that functions better and will last.  We hope you will be pleased with our products and tell your friends.​ Thank you for visiting our website.