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  • Sustainable Recyclable Bamboo Checker Set

    $27.00 $21.95
    • * ALL NATURAL: Renewable plant based, 2 inch Bamboo pieces and washable 18" x 18" 100% Hemp cloth. Each piece has a rare earth magnet to connect to other pieces. Made with no harsh chemicals
    • * STRONG and DURABLE: This set is made with "Green" products to help save the environment
    • * SUSTAINABLE: Made with Eco-friendly parts using Bamboo that grows faster than trees and Hemp that uses only 7% of the water that cotton requires
    • * RECYLABLE and BIO DEGRADEABLE: Unlike plastic, nylon or polyester this set will compost
    • * QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Using double stitch sewing and no sharp edges on Bamboo pieces. This can be used as a decorative item
    • * EASY, PORTABLE SET UP: Great for family games, parties, birthdays, holidays, or to take on an outing. Comes with a compact storage canister
    • * PERFECT GIFT: Large size and soft cloth makes a Better Environment, Better Tomorrow thoughtful present