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  • Premium METAL DISHNANNY Black Stainless with white lettering

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    • WHAT'S IN THE DISHWASHER? This will tell you. Clean, sophisticated, attractive and functional sign to solve your dirty and clean dishwasher problems. This is a high quality metal sign that won’t rust or stain with magnets that are covered with scratch proof pads
    • STAYS IN PLACE with magnets and no scratch pads on the back, this sign will not move around your dishwasher (however, some stainless steel dishwashers have nickel and aluminum in them and thus are not magnetic, so we include as an alternative two strong 3M tabs to attach your sign)
    • PERFECT TENSION The slide gives you a smooth touch only when you move it and not just when you brush up against it
    • EASY TO READ No more confusion while reading this sign in any lighting. This sign is neither big and bulky nor so small you have to squint
    • 100% GUARANTEE OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We appreciate our customers and are dedicated to your satisfaction!